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    My Friend Pedro Launch Trailer

    We previously covered on the launch window for Mr Friend Pedro and for fans of this much-anticipated action gun-toting game, My Friend Pedro unleashes an animated launch trailer brought to you by publisher Devolver Digital and developer Deadtoast.

    Gameplay Trailer

    Get into sensational action about friendships and a sentient banana

    Juggle in a ballet of bullets as you trample your foes with style with split aiming, slow-mo, and stylish breach of one action sequence after another in a violent underworld.

    • Turn and twist your body wisely as you create the perfect ricochet of an unsuspecting thug
    • Run, spin and gun with dynamic flair, turning it into a physics puzzler
    • Share your cool till you drool slow mo captures all over social media

    Run, gun and go bananas as it is out on Switch and PC.

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