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    Moving Out now open for pre-orders with extra goodies!

    As the launch date for Moving Out draws nearer, Team17 together with developers from SMG Studio and DevM Games have opened up the pre-orders for the game, and for the players who do pre-order, a free demo awaits them so they can experience this frantic couch co-op earlier than others. Check out the new pre-order trailer below:

    That’s not all when it comes to pre-order surprises. Additionally to the demo, players will receive access to the “Employees of the Month Pack” downloadable content. Featuring a set of four exclusive movers packed with a passion for manual labour, the pack sees Professor Inkle the octopus, Bruce the koala bear, Sprinkles the doughnut, and Dials the CRT television joining Smooth Moves’ roster of Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technicians (F.A.R.Ts).

    Check out our full article on Moving Out with more game details here.

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