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    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion new trailer featuring ‘Glavenus’ and ‘Seliana accompanied by Felyne Dancing’

    Swinging its tail in the wild, Glavenus stalks its prey in the latest trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne by Capcom. Wielding its large blue tail while and sweeping it like a large blade, its tail will grow hot red the more it strikes, making it more powerful. Adding more to the damage, Glavenus is also able to breathe fire from its mouth.


    Capcom has also released another trailer featuring the facilities of Seliana accompanied by Felyne dancing below.


    Hunters, get your arsenal stocked and skills ready for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne coming soon on September 6, 2019, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed up with PC in January 2020.

    If you have missed the Tigrex and Narcacuga trailer, check it out below (video courtesy of capcomasia)


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