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    Mobile: MMORPG Talion Now Available On Android And iOS

    Mobile game company GAMEVIL today launched its new mobile MMORPG, Talion! The game offers a vast open world, 360° free adjustable Camera, tools to customise your character and a breath-taking overall MMO experience!



    The game offers:

    • Highly polished, state-of-the-art graphics
    • Complete MMO experience on your mobile phone
    • 360-degree free adjustable camera
    • A customisation tool that enables players to create their character exactly the way they want

    Cooperative PvE:

    • Uncountable quests, field boss events and elite dungeons

    Competitive PvP:

    • 5 vs 5 team battle: scramble for the crown
    • 1 vs. 1 Deathmatch

    RvR & PvPvE:

    • 20 vs. 20 RvR occupy mode with catapults, stables, altars, etc.

    Raid Boss:

    • Alliance vs. Boss vs. Alliance


    n only 4 weeks more than 250,000 users pre-registered via Talion’s official website and many more followed the official Talion social media channels such as Facebook – and Discord to find out the latest news about this impressive new game.

    Talion is free to play and available now on App Store and Google Play!

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