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    Mobile : Returner Zhero – Final Cut, IMGA Global Nominee launches on Google Play.

    Fantastic, yes is happy to announce that Returner Zhero – Final Cut – a beautifully intricate sci-fi mystery puzzle game – is now available on Google Play store.


    Returner Zhero – Final Cutis a standalone story set within the universe that Fantastic, yes first welcomed players into with one of Google Play’s “Best Indie Games of 2018” Returner 77. The stories are connected but each experience is unique and wonderful in its own right. Returner Zhero – Final Cut tells the incredible story about friendship and sacrifice that every puzzle lover needs to experience.


    Returner Zhero was originally released worldwide on September 6th on iOS devices and has already been nominated in the 15th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA Global).


    “Nominees like Returner Zhero – Final Cut highlight the new standard of creativity and the emerging quality of the productions found in mobile gaming”, said Maarten Noyons, founder of The IMGA.



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