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    Mobile Review : MU Origin 2

    This game review is powered by Honor Play with it’s Kirin 970 AI chipset | 6.3-inch Fullview display | GPU Turbo


    Developed By: TianMa

    Published By: GameNow Technology

    Platforms: iOS / Android

    Reviewed On: Honor Play (Android)



    I still remember one of my earliest MMORPG played was MU Online. It was introduced to me by a friend, and I was immediately attracted to it when I saw the skills animation, fancy equipment (imagine wearing dragon armor with wings). Last but not least, glowing equipment that makes the character presentation look sick! Webzen has once again brought the title to mobile platform, with enhanced experience catered for mobile devices in MU Origin 2.




    MU Origin 2 is a MMORPG that has 3 choices of class, Swordsman, Mage, and Archer. The classes design are inherited from MU Online. The combat capability is measured by BP, which can be raised by leveling your character, equipping better gears, and raising your skills level. The game comes with auto battle, which automatically cast skills, and drinking potions when health or mana is below a certain level. The auto mechanism is also available for questing as well, which once player accepted the quest, the character will auto navigate to the destination. Leveling your character in this game doesn’t feel grindy because story quests gives ample experience points. On top of story quests, there are daily quests that gives good experience points too. With quests around, player doesn’t need to do hard grinding in order to get their character to level up.



    Other than leveling and questing, PVP is one of the main feature that makes the game interesting, or annoying. Other than city areas, the whole environment in the game is PVP enabled, meaning any player can attack among each other. By turning the attack target from “friendly” to “attack all”, player will able to hit any other players within the skill range. It may sound fun to kill around and mess around, but there is a bounty system for it. Player who decided to take the rogue path and kill other players, bounty will be set on them and other players can kill them for reward. I’ve met some people who are killing for fun in common mission areas, but we are unable to do much due to they are high level and geared up well. There is another mode of PVP, which is the arena. Player will need to fight with opponent in an arena, and player will get a raise in their rank if they win. Player will be rewarded accordingly based on their daily ranking during end of the day.



    Graphics and Visuals


    MU Origins 2 may not be the best looking game on mobile phone, but it does look attractive with those fancy visual effects on skills and equipment. When player upgraded their equipment to a certain level, the armor will start to have glowing effect. With higher equipment upgrade level, the glowing effect will be more prominent and visible by others (perhaps a warning to rogue player think before you attack me). One of the equipment slot is a wing, each classes have different design for wing. Upon upgrading the wing, the wing effect will become different and larger in terms of size, and giving a very cunning outlook.





    Mobile games in this era usually comes with micro-transaction, MU Origin 2 is no exception. Micro-transaction in this game can gain quite some advantage for players who are willing to pay. From storage expansion, to equipment upgrades jewels, all can be purchased via micro-transaction. But throughout my play thru in 1 week, I did not feel the urge to use micro-transaction as I have not bump into any issue with leveling nor upgrading my equipments. Probably for players who are eagerly to be top player in the server or those who wants to overpower the rest in the shortest time, micro-transaction is the answer for you.




    One of my favourite MMORPG is being brought to mobile platform, with enhanced graphics and gameplay, I’m quite satisfy with it. One may say micro-transaction can ruin the game, but in this case it depends on how you view at it. Players who pay for sure will gain advantage over you, so long they are not in your way or bully you in public area, I believe the gaming experience should be not affected. The visuals are astonishing but the game play can get dull after a while, but it can be compensated if you are playing with friends instead of solo.


    Score : 6.5/10

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