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    Monochrome Order for iPhone/Android: Guide the world through Judgments in a fantasy RPG with multiple endings!

    KEMCO proudly announces the release of Monochrome Order on Google Play Store and App Store. Standard price is $8.99/RM9.00 for Google Play, $7.99 for the App Store.


    You, a boy appointed as an Arbiter, uses ancient magic known as “Judgment” to choose how to guide the world to a better place. However, not everyone may agree with your idea of justice. You will be faced with extremely difficult decisions. You decide whether to bring salvation or tragedy to the world.

    Multiple stories with multiple endings!

    Your Judgments will greatly affect the story and your character’s role. The decisions you make may even lead you into the path of evil…

    Ultimate replayability!

    After clearing one route, you may restart the game to start a new route with the same character! The more routes you explore, the more dark secrets of this intricate story you will uncover.

    Party members galore

    Gain up to 18 other party members from your Judgments and progression through the story! Try various formations to overcome challenges by making the most of each character’s unique skills.

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