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    Home News Mobile HUAWEI P40 launching globally on 26th of March 2020

    HUAWEI P40 launching globally on 26th of March 2020


    HUAWEI will be launching the HUAWEI P40 Series via live streaming on the 26th of March 2020, at 9:00 P.M MYT(GMT+8). The live stream will be on both their Youtube channel and Facebook page. On top of unveiling their flagship device, Richard Yu, the CEO of HUAWEI Consumer Business Group will also unveil an array of HUAWEI’s latest ecosystem devices.

    As of now, HUAWEI have yet to announce the exact specifications for the P40 series. Based on the teasers available and the hashtag #VisionaryPhotography, HUAWEI seems to have pushed the boundaries of mobile photography with the P40. There are some rumours and “leaks” on the P40’s specifications but rather than speculating, let’s just join in on the live stream tonight and watch it unravel with our very own eyes.


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