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    And it’s LIVE! Football Drama, the satirical managerial narrative game is out now on Steam, iOS, and Android

    Open Lab Games have launched their weird and wonderful narrative strategy adventure Football Drama on Steam (PC, Mac) for €9,99 / $11,99 / £ 9,29; and iOS and Android for €5.49 / RM 25.99.



    Have you ever wanted to play the role of a football manager who is judged by a cat? Well, now you can in Football Drama, a satirical managerial narrative game that sees you take on the role of unlikely Calchester Assembled FC manager Rocco Galliano, both on and off the pitch.

    Make tough, game-changing choices, side with Karma or Kaos, build your perfect deck of tactical cards, train your struggling team, and risk it all or control the ball in 18 raucous games of fast turn-based football. Every game could be your last as you face off in a battle of words and ego with billionaire owner Boris Aluminovitch; will you be able to survive the axe? Will your bizarre instructions from the bench change the fate of the team? Will your shady past come back to haunt you?

    We don’t think that football and its universe make any sense at all, and the humour we’ve put in both writing and design is a way of expressing that. One way to make sense of the paradoxical world of football is to look at it as a form of catharsis. Humour is a powerful way to express paradox and turn it into something that can affect you. So that’s why we’ve put together football and humour in several dimensions of our game: in the story, commentator’s texts, and illustrations of cards and characters”.
    Pietro Polsinelli, Director at Open Lab Games


    Football Drama is now available on Apple App Store, Google Play store, and Steam for PC.

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