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    Mobile : Announcing Destiny Chaser’s Global Launch

    Destiny Chaser is finally having its Grand Launch on January 23. It has been a great journey for this highly addictive idle game, and there is only more to come. You will not believe how far this game has come and how much more it can achieve!


    Thank you everybody who participated in our various events during our soft launch, and a huge thanks to our community members who helped us improve the game. For everyone who have not picked up the game yet, the great thing about destiny is that you can choose your own path, and it is never too late to start playing this epic game. With thousands of hours worth of gameplay, hundreds of unlockables waiting for you, and an entire new world to immerse yourself in; a whole universe is just a tap away.


    he game is continuously being updated for more fun and action, and there are always events right around the corner for all players to earn in-game rewards. Please enjoy the brand new and grand new Destiny Chaser! To stay updated on news and events you can visit our Facebook page.


    Key Features:


    No. 1 Stylish 3D Action – Idle RPG

    • Enjoy HD Visual Effects in 3D
    • Thrilling and Colorful Battles with no Stress!


    Endless Idle RPG

    • 5x Max Speed! Extreme speed to explore the New World
    • Infinite growth through Rebirth
    • Full RPG experience on the GO
    • Easy Battle in High-level Strategic Play


    Blockbuster RPG Style – Collect & Evolve!

    • Summon Unique Stylish Characters & Pets
    • Over 300 powerful equipment to use
    • Systematic level-up for your infinite growth
    • Tap to conquer Quests, Dungeons and Bosses
    • Exciting rewards and contents as you get stronger


    Destiny Chaser’s is now available on Google Play store.


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