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    Mobile : What’s your Color IQ? A brand-new Memory game, COLORFOOL!

    “A Man Who is Losing His Memory”

    As people get older, their memories get worse. I once knew a man suffering from Alzheimer’s,
    and it was very sad for me to see lose his memory. I wanted him to get his smile back.


    “Everyday Memory Training!”

    Memory improves with daily training like muscles.
    We thought of a way to enhance memory power through a fun way with a colorful context.


    Introducing “COLORFOOL”
    Immerse yourself in a challenge of tile memory game with rhythm-packed electronic music!
    How far can you go? How good is your memory? Find out in a brand-new and exciting way!


    Simple & easy

    Memorize the color tiles on the screen and touch them when they lose colors.


    Infinite level design

    The stage continues like an infinite run game. Of course, it gets more and more difficult with fun rules.


    Dynamic play rules.

    Break through unexpected difficulties and remember color tiles within the time limit. Start from very simple rule that where you touch where the specified color was. Of course, as you progress, you may have to find out tiles in multiple color order, to distinguish the subtle differences in two-tone colors tiles, and even to rotate the puzzle board back and forth and also Bonus gold stages to ease your mind along the challenges.


    Show who’s the strongest in memory with addictive EDM groove!


    Colorfool is now available exclusively on Apple App Store.


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