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    Dark Free-to-Play “Alley” is Now Available For Download Globally on Android and iOS

    Mobile gamers from around the world can download and play Alley now. Alley is a dark free-to-play, casual game designed for Android and iOS devices.

    The game features a girl who has fallen into a seemingly inescapable nightmare born from her fear of moving forward into the unknown.

    Surrounded by her own shadows and traps, help her reach the light at the end of the alley by bravely and cautiously overcoming her fears one step at a time.



    – Simple tap and hold controls
    – Avoid the shadows and spike traps
    – Tap rapidly to escape spider webs
    – Keep walking or your inner fear will devour you
    – Collect memories along the alley
    – Memorize the items to increase each item’s effect
    – Disguise yourself with 29 unique outfits
    – Unlock new outfits with stars
    – Pick up the dandelion to soar to bonus stage in the sky

    Follow the bendy lighted path and explore this mysterious maze. Walkthrough the dark using simple tap and hold controls. The more steps you take, the higher your score.

    Stay alive by avoiding the shadows and spike traps. Escape spider webs by tapping rapidly. Keep walking or the terror from your inner fear will devour you.

    Collect memories and stars as you venture deep into the night. Pick up shields, jars of starts and many more by staying still over the item. Memorize them to increase each item’s effect.

    Disguise yourself with 29 unique outfits. Unlock new outfits using stars. Uncover secret scenes by picking up the dandelion. Soar to the sky and collect as many stars as you can in the bonus stage.

    Alley is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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