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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Infographic Reveals Some Interesting Choices

    The team at BioWare has managed to release a new infographic for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It details the choices players made across the remastered classic trilogy, from the background of their Shepard to the squadmates that were most likely to survive the Suicide Mission.

    There are many interesting choices made by players like the following:

    • Mordin is the least likely character to survive the Suicide Mission
    • Wrex survived the Virmire mission for 94% of players
    • 4% of players exiled fan favourite Tali
    • The majority of Shepards punch reporters, ouch!

    There’s never been a better time to jump into the Mass Effect trilogy and add to the stats. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is currently on sale on the following platforms:

    • Origin: Now through July 30
    • Sony: Now through August 5
    • Xbox: Now through August 6
    • Steam: July 30 to August 3

    Here is the full infographic:


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