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    Marvel’s Midnight Suns June 2023 Update Now Available

    A new update is now available for Marvel’s Midnight Suns across all platforms, including new features to the New Game+ experience as well as a variety of stability, performance, and quality of life improvements.

    Details include:


    • Stability & performance improvements.
    • Mission cards can now be added to the hand even when there are the maximum number of cards present in the hand
    • Fix for Mission Rewards not showing on Victory Screen
    • Hero Deck screen now properly checks for new collar and suit passives
    • Charlie’s stats will now scale properly with the Hunter’s Champion Level stat bonuses
    • Charlie navigation improvements for the Abbey
    • “Upgrade ability” objective during “No Place Like Home” mission now completes when any ability is upgraded
    • Fix for achievements / trophies not being rewarded as intended


    • Venom Combos will now consume Ravenous


    • Fixed reported issue of Nest Mother and Summoning Circle missions not appearing during Act 1 of NG+ campaigns
    • Toggles have been added to customize the New Game+ experience and choose progression to carry over!
      • Hero Abilities: Includes hero cards and abilities, including Hunter Collars and Passives
      • Friendship Levels: Includes hero and team friendship levels and rewards
      • Resources: Includes Credits, Essence, Blueprints, Intel, Gloss, and Arcane Knowledge
      • Cosmetics: Includes unlocked cosmetics, with purchased cosmetics immediately available


    • Steam Deck performance & stability improvements
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