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    Manage your own gym and attract those fitness freaks over here! Gym Tycoon out now on Steam

    Independent developer Green Forest Games have just released their awaited gym management simulator, Gym Tycoon on Steam. Check out the game’s trailer below:

    The never-ending possibility of simulators have always been apparent, and now it has come to how you manage those heavy machineries and ambience in your gym to watch it flourish and attract even more people. Gym Tycoon is the ultimate management game in which you can evolve your business into a unique world-renowned gym capable of attracting, training and turning its customers into true prize-winning fans.

    Some features of the game:

    • Design your own unique gym using the powerful construction tools!
    • Furnish your gym using a wide variety of upgradable training equipment.
    • Attract, train and turn your customers into true fans. Each customer is unique, you’re in control.
    • Hire and manage staff, keep them satisfied and level up your gym!

    Check out Gym Tycoon on Steam to find out more.

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