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    Malaysia to host Conqueror’s Insignia 2019, a CS:GO tournament with 70,000 USD Prize

    Since the establishment of Playtonia in 2017, they as a gaming firm and services agency have always strived to bring out the best of gaming through their products and IP’s across India and South-East Asia as a region. With the ever-growing market and increasing consumer base, they started with their signature IP “Conqueror’s Insignia” in 2017 in a bid to address competitive gaming demand in India.

    The first edition of this tournament, fondly called as the CI by the Indian gaming community was a feat. With more than 300 teams registered for CS:GO and Dota 2, the turnout and audience response was more than what they had expected for a first.

    In 2019, Playtonia has successfully set-up offices across India, Malaysia and UAE with a constant vision of expanding into growing markets and curating the best of esports worldwide.

    This thought has given way for “Conqueror’s Insignia 2019”. With CI 2019, they aim to engage with gaming communities across 27 countries and a massive Grand Finals to be held in Malaysia. This event will be another benchmark cum milestone for them as an esports promoter across Asia.

    For CI 2019, they have chosen Counter Strike Global Offensive as the game of their choice. Counter-Strike enjoys heavy fan-base across the complete SEA and MEA region, with more than 5 million aggregate player bases in this region. Playtonia and its associates would be hosting region-specific qualifiers for every region on their signature platform and state-of-the-art infrastructure to promote equal opportunity and fair play across all regions.

    There will be a separate offline qualifier in select regions to promote the local scene there. The qualifying regions for the same are as follows:-

    1. India
    2. Bangladesh
    3. Nepal
    4. Sri Lanka
    5. Maldives
    6. Bhutan
    7. Pakistan
    8. UAE
    9. Saudi Arabia
    10. Lebanon
    11. Oman
    12. Kuwait
    13. Qatar
    14. Bahrain
    15. Egypt
    16. Jordan
    17. Yemen
    18. Iraq
    19. Malaysia
    20. Singapore
    21. Thailand
    22. Vietnam
    23. Indonesia
    24. Philippines
    25. Cambodia
    26. Myanmar
    27. Laos
    28. Iran

    The above mentioned countries are divided into 3 regions where winners would be chosen through a series of online qualifiers across the regions involved. Offline qualifiers will be promoted across UAE & Malaysia.

    These teams will be competing for a prize pool of $70,000 with $40,000 for the champion and $10,000 for first runner-up. The second and third runner-up is awarded $5,000 respectively. The complete event will be carried out on the Playtonia gaming platform. All interested gamers will have to register with their respective teams in their desired regions to be eligible for the tournament in the teams of 5 gamers in each team. All teams can have 2 registered stand-ins. All participating teams will be given a certificate of participation and 3000 Playtonia Leaves if they make it to the Top 10 teams of the region. All participating teams should have a valid passport or submit a declaration of being able to procure a passport within 30 Days if selected. All travel and stay in Malaysia for the Grand Finals will be covered by Playtonia Esports and Associates.

    The main motive of the event is to give all CS:GO communities in emerging markets a chance to compete with one another on a platform specifically designed to help them improve their gameplay.

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