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    Jump into 2D pixel action with the teaser trailer of Moon Samurai

    Developer studio Nunchaku Games has teased Moon Samurai, a 2D pixel graphics cyberpunk action-adventure game slated for Switch, PC, and Mac release with no announcement date yet. The trailer below demonstrates some of the coolest unique gameplay fight scenes as players beat, jump, throw, grab, and swing weapons at foes.

    Game features as shared on the official website:

    Elaborated combat mechanics

    The player will feel like a martial arts master by delivering dozens of various kicks and punches. Combat motions are drawn upon our personal experience in martial arts practising as well as around a hundred YouTube video lessons.

    Fusion of platformer and beat’em up genres

    In Moon Samurai we wish to merge two of our favourite genres in a single game. Tornadic scuffle against a broad range of enemies will go hand in hand with exciting parkour-style jumping over rooftops, balconies, and ladders.

    Cinematic storytelling

    The top priorities for us are gameplay and ultimate fun experienced by the player. But, besides that, in Moon Samurai we aim at making each scene as spectacular and eye-catching as possible.

    Detailed “retro-stylized” pixel-art

    Despite modern appearance of animation and graphics, these are still same good old-schoolish hand-drawn pixels favored by players all around the world. We value the classics.
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