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    Play anywhere and anytime with Jump Force Deluxe Edition on Switch!

    Bandai Namco Asia will be bringing their most famed crossover fighting game to the Nintendo Switch on the 27th August 2020.

    Jump Force Deluxe Edition will include all 9 characters which were part of “Character Pass” for the PS4 and Xbox one versions. However, the “Character Pass 2” which includes Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia) and 4 more from other notable series which includes Yuyu Hakusho, HUNTER X HUNTER, Bleach and JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure will not be included in this package.

    Another major differences of the Switch version are the inclusive of two modes of multiplayer. The Local Communication Battles which allows you to battle it out against another who owns both console and the game. In addition, there will also be an offline support which can be played up to 6 players for a fun party couch gaming experience among friends.

    Fans that will be pre-ordering the game early will be entitled to bonus contents that includes character customization.

    The Early Purchase Bonus Content includes:-

    • 3 Download Codes
      • Frieza’s Small Pod
      • 3 Avatar Suits – Frieza’s soldier’s Battle Jacket, Pirate Coat & Forth Hokage Cloak
    • Item sets that will be useful at the beginning of the game
    • JUMP Logo T-shirt
    • Pirate Logo T-shirt
    • V JUMP Hoodie

    Jump Force Deluxe Edition will be available on the 27th August 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.



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