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    Itatake’s Online PvP Battle Game Kloot Arena Out Now

    Itatake, the awarded mobile game developer, is thrilled to announce the official global launch of their latest game, Kloot Arena. This challenging turn-based PvP battle game, characterized by short competitive brawls and intense action, is now available for download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

    Kloot Arena offers an immersive gaming experience with its easy-to-use controls, stunning graphics, and exceptional sound design. Whether challenging friends or engaging in ranked battles against online opponents, players will have the opportunity to earn rewards and climb the ranked leagues, ultimately competing for the top spot.

    The game provides a wide array of characters for players to collect and customize, allowing them to evolve and upgrade their chosen heroes, increasing their power and abilities. Each character possesses unique attacks and traits, ranging from devastating explosions and flying projectiles to brawling tackles and cutting blades. Mastering these abilities and leveraging each character’s strengths are essential in order to succeed in the game’s diverse arenas, ultimately earning the title of a true Kloot Master.

    Our objective was to create an enjoyable and competitive game that delivers an unmatched gaming experience. As a small team, we faced a lot of challenges in crafting a tight and polished Online PvP battle game, but we are extremely proud of what we have achieved – Moving forward, we will continue to update the game regularly, introducing new features and content to keep players engaged and entertained.

    Thomas Wedin – Itatake’s Founder, CEO

    Kloot Arena is now available to download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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