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    IO Interactive Reveals Details For New Elusive Target Mission Featuring Dimitri Vegas And Celebrates The Release Of HITMAN World Of Assassination In Retail

    IO Interactive reveals new details about the upcoming Elusive Target mission for HITMAN World of Assassination featuring international superstar DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas.

    This mission briefing trailer sets the scene for the arrival of Dmitri Vegas’ character, Alexios Laskaris, to arrive in HITMAN World of Assassination’s Berlin location. Featuring Dimitri Vegas’ likeness and voiceover work, the upcoming mission will be available for free to all HITMAN World of Assassination players on all platforms in October 2023 and scheduled to release globally on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC.

    To prepare for this unique mission, PlayStation 5 players can now purchase a physical edition of HITMAN World of Assassination at their preferred video game retailer.

    Released in collaboration with Solutions 2 GO (S2G), a global distributor of video games, this physical edition of the game includes a set of 3 collector’s art cards, featuring artwork from the luxurious and hyper-detailed game locations. Each card features imagery from an iconic game destination in the trilogy: the mysterious ICA Training Facility, the high-octane thrills of a Miami racetrack, and the luxurious elegance of the tallest skyscraper in Dubai.

    In addition, a limited number of art cards (50 for Europe/ANZ and 50 for the Americas) will be autographed by the IO Interactive development team and randomly inserted into physical copies of the game.


    HITMAN World of Assassination brings together the best of HITMAN 1, HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 3 in a bumper package of content that includes the main campaign, Contracts mode, Escalations, Elusive Target Arcades and featured live content.

    HITMAN World of Assassination also includes the ‘Freelancer’ mode, a new way to play on your own terms, that combines rogue-like elements and deep strategic planning with a persistent and infinitely replayable gameplay experience.

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