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    Introducing Minds Beneath Us, a Story-rich Sci-Fi thriller PC adventure game

    Taiwanese developer BearBone Studio has debuted Mind Beneath Us set in a futuristic Asian city. In a society that has become fully automated with AI, you will be trapped into a body that doesn’t belong to yourself, making choices for him and face the coming fate together.

    Source: Gematsu

    Game details as shared on Steam


    Minds Beneath Us is an adventure about a guy and a data ghost who lived in his head and controlled his body. After society has become fully automated with AI, a new industry has emerged that replaces the hardware needed to operate the internet with linked human brains. As a result, the most disadvantaged citizens have had no choice but to put in their bid to sign up, one after another. Against the stage of this mad society, a mysterious conspiracy gradually unveils.


    • Players can constantly make their own dialogue choices, and shape the relationship between characters. The combination of dialogue choices and actions will constantly affect the story.
    • Observe environments, pay attention to each dialogue then look for hidden clues in every scene. Unlock new dialogue choices.
    • With hand-drawn animation and smooth camera movement, we create a unique cinematic experience.
    • Combine 2D character and detailed 3D environment, present the near future Taipei street.

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