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    The fate of the universe is in your hands – sports brawler HyperBrawl Tournament launches on Consoles and PC this October 20th

    Independent developer Milky Tea Studios has announced that HyperBrawl Tournament, its high-adrenaline arcade-style sports brawler, will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this October 20th. Revamped for PC and consoles, HyperBrawl Tournament is a beautiful and fast-paced PvP experience, optimized for skill-based online multiplayer or local ‘party’ play.

    Smash, brawl, and score your way to victory in relentless, high-adrenaline, 1-4 PvP arena battles. Master the legendary HyperCurve, granting you complete control of the ball to outmaneuver opponents and score awesome goals. Or deploy the HyperForce, enabling you to launch your opponents out of the arena with its devastating, game-changing power. In a competitive mix of sports and brawling, players assemble their team with a combination of heroes and weapons of their unique choosing to bring into the arena as they fight for control of the ball, throwing it into the opposition’s goal to outscore their opponents. Outside of that, there are no rules so don’t be afraid to fight dirty. It’s not just about locking horns though as the key to victory is mastering the HyperCurve, and using the HyperForce at the most critical moments, to turn the tide of the match.

    “With robust online and offline multiplayer modes, a free-flowing single-player campaign, HyperBrawl Tournament is a true party game experience that has been developed to play on the couch with friends and online,”
    “After months of fine-tuning in the studio and with help from our community, we are proud to announce that it will launch simultaneously on PC and console on October 20th”.

    Jonathan Holmes – Founder & Studio Director of Milky Tea

    HyperBrawl Tournament features twelve intergalactic heroes, divided into three distinct classes: Swift, Core, and Tank. Each hero has their own unique stats, offering different tactics and their own gameplay experience. Players will compete in twelve arenas spread across all of space and time, each packed with dynamic obstacles, from portals and risers to moving floors, which force players to think on their toes and make each match even more unpredictable.

    Our heroes have eight mythical weapons to choose from, including the earth-shattering Slam Hammer, the lightning-quick Turbo Thruster, or the deadly and decisive Grapple Gun. As players learn the intricacies of Hyperbrawl Tournament they can experiment with over 4,000 different hero and weapon combos to create their own unique playstyle, along with a custom-designed hero decked out with your choice of unlockable hero and weapon skins, goal blazes, and ball trails.



    • Online & Offline Modes
      Take on the campaign mode and begin your ascent to becoming a legend in the galaxy league where you will face off every hero in the tournament. Then go for more accolades in the Cosmic Cup. Or plunge into the multiplayer madness that is Blitz Mode – Competing with players from around the world to become the ultimate Hyerperbrawl and forge your legend across the star!
    • Heroes Assemble
      Already fabled heroes of their own worlds, competitors are drawn across the furthest realms to compete in the Hyperbrawl Tournament. Choose from 12 heroes in three classes and load them out with lethal weaponry combos and paint their armor for victory.
    • Master the Hypercurve
      Only the universe’s elite champions can summon this incredible skill. The Hypercurve lets you seize control of the ball midflight to “Magically” maneuver it around the opposition and obstacles to score legendary goals that could only happen in the Hyperbrawl.
    • 12 Unique Arenas
      Travel the vast expanses of time and space to Hyperbrawl Arenas from the home planets of the heroes themselves. Take in Chrome City’s elevated stadium with its cyberpunk stylings, the ancient stadium of Steelhenge, or the Demonic Court of Azditch. Each arena is laden with perilous obstacles and traps that layer more challenge and unpredictability into every game.


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