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    House Flipper’s long awaited DLC now has an ETA!

    Independent game developer Frozen District announced last year about their Luxury DLC for House Flipper. After working out the kinks, the dev’s have given an ETA for the DLC for a release in Q4 of 2021. Take a look at the DLC trailer below if you haven’t yet:

    Glass roofs, plate glass windows, and incredibly high ceilings – that’s how kings live! With the Luxury DLC, dozens of types of new furniture: classic, contemporary, antique, and modern will fulfill any and all luxurious design wishes! New mechanics like installing huge decorative windows whenever you want them or building swimming pools inside your mansions will also add to the house flipping experience.

    In the Luxury DLC, you can also try to renovate furniture from past centuries. It will certainly take time and effort, but the final result may be incredibly satisfying. Utilizing classic furniture doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort! With smart devices, you can control your entire home! Change the colors of the lights, open and close doors – all of this without getting up from the couch.

    Check out our post on House Flipper to find out more about the game.

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