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    Honkai Impact 3rd Releasing v5.5 [Equinox Gate] on February 24th

    Hoyoverse would like to share with you that their ARPG Title, Honkai Impact 3rd, is releasing v5.5 [Equinox Gate] on February 24! The saga of A Post-Honkai Odyssey has come to a climax with refined combat experience. Bianka, the first-ever Valkyrie to feature dual forms, will join the v5.5 update. Seasonal events are ready to reward players non-stop!

    Besides in-game updates, the Honkai Carnival – Fandom Celebration 2022 will kick off on February 26. Please tune in and share the joy with them!

    Features of Honkai Impact 3rd v5.5 [Equinox Gate]

    Schicksal’s strongest Valkyrie Bianka!

    • Unique black and white form of Palatinus Equinox!
    • Alternate between Knight and Guardian forms – defend with the shield up or deal massive damage!
    • The Ultimate is guaranteed to Crit

    Rita’a Astral Harness: Spina Astera

    • MECH-type Fire battlesuit
    • Grace and heroic spirit

    A Post-Honkai Odyssey: Mei and Carole of Squad 3 return to the frontline

    Dea Anchora and Silverwing: N-EX are getting new qipao outfits that both have with- or without-glasses versions to choose from

    A series of login events and Spring Treasure will offer players the latest S-rank battlesuit Spina Astera and tons of other rewards!

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