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    Hockey Roguelite Tape To Tape Hits The Ice On May 3rd

    Tape to Tape, the heavily anticipated roguelite hockey experience from Excellent Rectangle and Null Games, is launching into Steam Early Access on May 3rd. Carve a group of misfit chumps into hockey champions on a roguelite adventure to the major leagues. Will you take a puck to the teeth and go down without a fight, or slapshot your way to legendary status?

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    The role of the team captain is a big deal. Whether on the ice and in the lodge, every choice matters on the path to victory. Hire future superstars throughout the season, utilize the synergy between players, and harness cutthroat abilities to mold an unbeatable team. Easier said than done, of course, as the ultimate dream team doesn’t appear out of thin air. Take every loss as an opportunity to strengthen the team. Visit the mighty Blademaster between seasons and permanently upgrade equipment for the battles ahead. You may even find a familiar face from an opposing team looking for a new captain.

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    Tape to Tape redefines the hockey gaming experience by fusing the classic 90s-style gameplay with modern, innovative mechanics in an exciting and goofy roguelite adventure. Bone-crushing body checks and stellar saves will keep players shaking in their skates, but mastering the dynamic puck physics system will secure the victory. Players and goalies will react to the puck bouncing off sticks and ricocheting off faces creating organic and emergent battles on the ice.

    Key Features:

    • Deep roguelite campaign wrapped within a sports game
    • Tinker with lineup and abilities, find player synergies, and test different team archetypes
    • Losing is fun! New opportunities await with each new run
    • Dynamic physics system
    • Nostalgic yet modernized hockey simcade experience
    • Innovative goaltenders will react organically to any shot, deflected puck, or rebound

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