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    Curse of the Sea Rats – Stay Tuned, As This Hand-drawn Animated ‘Ratoidvania’ Makes Its Debut at Gamescom 2019

    Get ready for some beautiful hand-drawn cartoon action with Curse of the Sea Rats, as the game will be presented for the first time in Gamescom 2019 which runs from August 20 till August 22 by Indie developer Petoon Studio.



    The First Ratoidvania

    Set in the coast of Ireland in 1777, Curse of the Sea Rats features a gang of heroes transformed into rats by a Pirate Witch but that won’t stop them from rescuing the Admiral’s son and breaking the curse.

    Investigate the mystery under 11 different scenarios in a non-linear fashion with 4 playable rats with local multiplayer mode supported. Stay on rat toes with upgradable weapons and special abilities to choose from.

    Play in a beautiful hand-drawn world with 2.5D animations and models with crafted 3D backgrounds. Take a back seat and experience full twist story cutscenes under the influence of lush- coloured fantasy style and fully voices NPC interactions with professional casts.
    Suitable to any players from casual to hardcore with the option to complete the game in 100% or a speedrun with your best time.

    Lift the Curse of the Sea Rats in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Potential DLC’s and updates has been planned for the fans, stay tune for more updates.

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