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    Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom – Definitive Version Of 2 Beloved Visual Novels Coming To Switch

    Eastasiasoft Limited and Idea Factory has announced the upcoming release of “Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom” for the Nintendo Switch. This definitive edition, showcased in the New Year 2024 Showcase, brings together two beloved visual novels, “Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms” and “Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds,” into a single, revised package, perfect for fans of the otome genre.

    “Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom” is a visual novel adventure that immerses players in the story of Chizuru Yukimura and the legendary warriors of the Shinsengumi. Set in Japan at the end of the feudal era, the game weaves a tale of intense conflict and fleeting love. This compilation offers both interconnected tales from the acclaimed series, making it an ideal entry point for newcomers and a refined experience for long-time fans. Notably, the Nintendo Switch release includes improvements to the English localization, a response to feedback from the dedicated fanbase.

    The digital release of “Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom” is expected later in 2024. For collectors, physical editions will be available for pre-order through Playasia starting at 10:00am ET / 7:00am PT / 3:00pm UK on Thursday, January 11th.

    The Limited Editions will include the game, a manual, soundtrack CD, art book, sticker sheet, and a numbered certificate, all housed in a collector’s box. Standard copies will also be available for open pre-order simultaneously.

    Players can pre-order their copy here.

    “Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom” offers players the chance to step into the role of Chizuru, navigating both political and interpersonal dramas of feudal Japan. Players will encounter romantic scenarios and witness events inspired by Japanese history, brought to life with beautiful illustrations and passionate dialogue.

    The game features multiple story routes, dramatic dialogue choices influencing Chizuru’s journey, and a gallery of unlockable CGs to enhance the experience. This updated version is the definitive way for players to enjoy the captivating world of “Hakuoki.”

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