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    Happy Gran Turismo Launch Day! Watch The Gran Turismo Café Videos Featuring Asian Celebrities As Well As Motorsport Personalities

    As part of the global launch event for Gran Turismo 7, PlayStation Asia has collaborated with Hong Kong-based superstar actor/singer: Aaron Kwok for a launch video where he shares his love for car racing and how the Gran Turismo series has helped him improve his racing skills.

    For Southeast Asia, they have launched the Gran Turismo Café video featuring automotive and motorsport personalities in Southeast Asia: Bobby Tonelli (Singapore), Claire Jedrek (Singapore), Jazeman Jaafar (Malaysia), IP Chin (Malaysia), Marlon Stockinger (the Philippines) and Pete Thongchua (Thailand), who shared their passion towards car culture, car racing and how they find their line in motorsport.

    Southeast Asia’s GT Café video was filmed in location at the unique Car Vending Machine, Ten Square building, where we curated 15 real exotic and classic cars that gamers are able to drive in the Gran Turismo series stacked inside the building, along with lighting features and Digital LED display featuring Gran Turismo 7 colours and videos.

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