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    Goliath Depot, An 80’s Like Arcade Game -Launches On May 30th

    From the video game studio @VidvadGames, they bring to you Goliath Depot. It’s an arcade game made to look and feel like it’s 1985 again. Simply close all doors to win. Goliath Depot will be launched next May 30th on Nintendo Switch.

    Source: Gameneum


    Goliath Depot is a door-slamming 2D arcade game taken straight from the early 80’s. Close all doors, kick the enemies and speedrun your way through 40 unique levels. Are you good enough to lift the curse of the Goliath Depot?


    • Pick-up-and-play arcade gameplay 4 worlds with unique themes and gimmicks (40 levels and 2 difficulties)
    • Play in solo or local co-op (*2 controllers are required for local co-op)
    • Graphics and music inspired by the 1980
    • Unlockable modes and power ups 25 medals (in-game achievements) that unlock new characters!
    • A built-in randomizer mode with settings for infinite replayability
    • Speedrun-mode (timer + individual level practice)
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