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    Gaming worlds collide once again in the newest collaboration with one of the NBA’s biggest PlayStation fans

    PlayStation is excited to share their latest sneaker collaboration with Nike and NBA superstar Paul George.

    Created in partnership with Nike and the artist behind the PS5 console’s design, Yujin Morisawa, the PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway is inspired by the design of PS5 and Paul’s passion for gaming. The new sneaker drops in select regions starting on May 14.

    A peek at what can expect to see in the design;

    • As with all my PlayStation collaborations, the tongues of the shoe have the PG and PlayStation logos on them.
    • The colours of the shoe are heavily inspired by the industrial design of the PS5 with references on the sock liner and outsoles.
    • It wouldn’t be a true collaboration with PlayStation if we didn’t include the iconic PlayStation shapes, which are spotted along with each shoe in the same pattern as on the DualSense wireless controller.

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    Each pair also comes with a special hangtag celebrating Paul George’s partnership with PlayStation.

    For more information on the release and availability in your country, download the Nike SNKRS app (if available in your country) or keep an eye out on your local Nike website.

    Not only that, NBA 2K21 owners can lace-up with the new PG 5 PlayStation 5 colourway on PS4 and PS5. Unlock them in the Nike Store!

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