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    Galaxy Buds2 Pro, The First Ever Galaxy Buds To Look Out For Your Posture

    Are you hunching over your work desk or phone like a creepy little goblin?

    A new feature in the latest Galaxy Buds2 Pro could help you break that habit – “Neck Stretch Reminders”!

    With the increasing use of smartphones and overworking time on the desk, forward head posture (turtle neck posture) is becoming more common. Studies have shown that people with the habit of hunching or slouching may experience considerable stress on the cervical spine, causing neck and muscle pain around the neck.

    But don’t worry – aside from offering a premium music experience, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will also look out for your health and wellbeing.

    When your head has been bowed downward for longer than 10 minutes, the earbuds will detect your head position and alert you. On the Galaxy Wearable app, it will recommend some light stretching tutorials to help reduce the risk of stiffness in your neck, shoulders and back.

    Thanks to the incredible head movements tracking capability, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro also offers the 360 Audio feature that will elevate users’ listening experience to a more realistic dimension. Be sure to activate the 360 Audio feature whenever you plan to watch a movie, because it will completely submerge you into sounds that syncs to your head motions, giving you a cinematic impression as if you’re on the center of the act.

    Own the Galaxy Buds2 Pro today to receive the complementary rewards that come along with it!

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