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    First look at the emotional afterlife adventure in Arise: A Simple Story

    Enter a journey to the afterlife with Arise: A Simple Story, announced by publisher Techland Publishing and developer Piccolo Studio. Starting off in a ceremonious cremation of an elderly tribesman, only to be awakened in a cold region of limbo. Trailer provided below courtesy by Gamer’s Little Playground.


    Navigate in a realm of the afterlife

    Journey into a world of changing seasons with traversing through ice mountains, giant flowers and shadowy human-like creatures with a mix of minor platforming. Trek back into a bittersweet journey through your life, reliving the moments of happiness and sadness.
    As the game progresses you will have the ability to bend time itself, transforming to fit the moments you’re reliving. The game themes around a series of life, be it the hardships or it’s good times; not knowing what comes next.

    A bit of info about the Piccolo Studio

    Reflecting on their lives upon who they want to be and reminiscing on 30 years from now? Inspired the creation of Piccolo Studio alongside Arise with it. A deeply personal project on self- reflection as they quit their jobs, pursuing their spark and dreams. The story of Arise will reflect on various life experiences from the very team themselves, hoping it would strike a chord with their players in return.

    Get ready for an emotional journey this coming December 3, 2019, for PlayStation 4.

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