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    First look at Rebel Galaxy Outlaw


    Enter the cockpits of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, originally slated as a PC release via Epic Games Store on August 13, 2019, with a potential follow up for the PlayStation 4 and Switch as stated by developer and publisher Double Damage Games. Dropping you into the role of Juno Markev, an outlaw and smuggler with a trashy ship but exciting combat to boot. With more unique ships and tons of great music, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will definitely drop you in awe of the retro-future. Check out this trailer below:

    Key Space Features:

    • Single-player campaign with unique Autopursuits feature to make it more accessible to everyone
    • Outfit your ship with weapons, armour and gears with the right paint job
    • Side games include gambling such as 8-ball, dice poker, slot machine and arcades
    • Features Subspace Radio with seven stations and over 21 hours of music, DJs, commercials and custom soundtracks.
    • Befriend sketchy characters and call them up to lend a hand. You don’t have to be alone in this frontier

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is coming for PC on August 13, 2019, and hopefully very soon for the PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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