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    First Ever Tribute To Elden Ring Players In SEA Amassed Reach Of Over 600,000 In Just Two Days

    Bandai Namco Entertainment and FromSoftware‘s action-RPG game Elden Ring which launched back in February has managed to attain a cult-like following of fellow Tarnishes from all over the world.

    Months after the game’s release, the hype and passion towards Elden Ring have yet to vanish. As a token of appreciation to all Elden Ring players in Southeast Asia, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia launched We The Tarnished. This is a social media campaign encompassing the first-ever exclusive video tribute featuring gameplay footage from players and gaming influencers from all over Southeast Asia.

    These influencers include imQuazii, BlackMeier (also known as Dominik Reitmeier — a German professional Dota 2 player based in Singapore), wolfsbanee and lordfaerie from Singapore; Najmi The Kampung Nerd from Malaysia; TriNhil, Estib PLAYZ, Grappler Daddy from the Philippines; Pokopow and Luthfi Halimawan from Indonesia and Toffee Toodzomcom from Thailand.

    An open call for submissions was held and a steady stream of players responded with footage ranging from sights of bravery in going against fearsome bosses to passionate dedication in acquiring achievements in Elden Ring’s fantasy world, the Lands Between. n conjunction with our digital creative agency, Section, the epic video tribute was then birthed — showcasing players’ and gaming influencers’ highs and lows when traversing in the game.

    In the lead-up to the tribute’s launch, several teaser posts featuring gaming influencers from five Southeast Asian countries were shared on their social media channels — calling fans to stand by for the tribute through the morphing of the gaming influencers’ faces to their respective Elden Ring characters.

    On the six-month anniversary of the game’s launch, We The Tarnished was finally unveiled — amassing a reach of 641,337 across our social media channels in just two days, with a whopping 18,427 people have watched the entire video.

    Several TikTokers in the region were also engaged to cosplay as iconic Elden Ring characters in a tie-up with the campaign — notably, @melvin.tseng, @maiknl and @miisamhc — with their video views garnering a total of 29,078 in the same two-day timeframe.

    As the numbers for the We The Tarnished video continue to rise, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia hopes that you will join in the excitement of the campaign and take some time to watch this exclusive tribute and exceptional TikTok cosplay transformation.

    Elden Ring is available now for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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