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    Final Fantasy 16 Reveals A New Revenge Trailer, Pre-orders And Launch Date Revealed!

    Christmas is nearly here as Square Enix releases a new ‘Revenge’ trailer for FINAL FANTASY XVI, showcasing many beautiful cinematic, intricate story and detailed world, as well as fast-paced Action-RPG combat prowess plus revealing the release on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) on June 22nd, 2023.

    The trailer description stated:

    The flames of vengeance burn bright and beckon with ambitious hunger. Awaken the Eikons, but will you dominate them or will they dominate you?

    What’s more, pre-orders for the Standard and Deluxe Editions of the game are now live, with a Collector’s Edition set going live on Monday, December 12th (pm GMT for European fans, 6pm PST for US fans)

    Details as shared on the official website:
    What versions of FINAL FANTASY XVI will be available?

    There are three versions of FINAL FANTASY XVI available to pre-order. If you pre-order any edition of the game, you’ll some awesome pre-order bonuses:

    • The Braveheart (Weapon) DLC
    • Cait Sith Charm in-game item – an accessory that boosts your received Gil.

    As for the different editions of the game available, as explained below:

    FINAL FANTASY XVI Standard Edition (physical and digital)

    As you’d expect, notwithstanding the special pre-order bonuses, the standard edition of the game includes:

    • The full game only

    It’s available to preorder now:

    FINAL FANTASY XVI Deluxe Edition (physical only)

    This version of the game includes:

    • The full game
    • A Special Clive Rosfield SteelBook® Case
    • A cloth map of Valisthea – where the story unfolds

    It’s available to preorder now on the Square Enix Store:

    FINAL FANTASY XVI Digital Deluxe Edition (digital only)

    Available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store, this version of the game includes:

    • The full game
    • A digital mini artbook that features some of the stunning illustrations and artwork from the game
    • A digital mini soundtrack showcasing a selection of tracks from composer Masayoshi Soken’s incredible soundtrack

    Head over to the official FINAL FANTASY XVI website for more information:

    FINAL FANTASY XVI Collector’s Edition

    Available exclusively from the Square Enix Store starting Monday, December 12 at 6pm PST / 6pm GMT, the FINAL FANTASY XVI Collector’s Edition is packed full of amazing items that make it a must-buy for any fan of the series. Included in this bumper package is:

    • Collector’s Box – A beautiful metallic-sheen box that features beautiful artwork by legendary FINAL FANTASY series illustrator, Yoshitaka Amano
    • The full game – includes the base game box, which features stunning reversible cover art
    • Premium Statue: Phoenix vs Ifrit – an exquisitely crafted figurine that depicts the battling figures of two key Eikons: Phoenix and Ifrit
    • Metal Eikon Pin Collection – a premium metal pin collection featuring eight Eikons
    • Special Clive Rosfield SteelBook Case – a beautiful metal case for the game that features art of the main character, Clive
    • Cloth World Map of Valisthea – this printed cloth represents the map of Valisthea, where the story unfolds
    • Blood Sword (Weapon) DLC – the fabled scarlet steel of Firion, hero of Final Fantasy II

    Pre-order this version of the game from the Square Enix Store, and you’ll also get the following bonus items:

    • FINAL FANTASY XVI Pre-Order SteelBook Case
    • The Realms of Valisthea Wall Banners (6 inch height printed cloth banners)
    • Digital Mini Artbook
    • Digital Mini Soundtrack
    • Scholar’s Spectacles in-game item – an accessory that boosts Exp

    Quantities of the Collector’s Edition are limited, so if you want this edition, will all the cool extras, highly recommended to pre-order ASAP to avoid disappointment.

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