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    Fight Crab Trailer

    An indie developer by the name of Nussoft has recently released a gameplay trailer for Fight Crab, a hilarious fighting game with 2 crabs battling it out until one of them turns over.

    Rule number two: You do not talk about Fight Crab

    • No dodging, just fight your crab head on. This is what Fight Crab is all about
    • Swinging your Switch Joy Con swings both crab claws as well, so beat the Crab out of em
    • Destructible environments
    • Multiple types of crabs to choose from
    • Use swords, guns, chainsaw, Hadouken, shurikens, and many more

    Here’s an old trailer if you have missed it:


    This seafood Fight Crab will be released in Japan 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

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