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    Fast-paced shooter Cymatically Muffed will be coming for the Xbox

    With an oddly named title, it can be slightly difficult to imagine the kind of game would this be. Cymatically Muffed is a fast-paced top-down twin-stick shooter developed by a couple of developers Sam & Kelsie from Kelsam Games.

    The thematic behind the game is as odd as the name goes. Some scientist as stolen and experimented on your headphones and it’s your mission to track down this scientist and take him down using your already experimented giant headphones. You read me right.

    Cymatically Muffed allows you to equip your giant headphones with an assortment of weapons. From Gatling guns, laser beams, and swinging bats, everything is at your disposal.

    The game features Cooperative Campaign and Survival modes for up to 4 players. There are also various modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag just to name a few that can host up to 16 players.

    The game will be releasing on the Xbox console this April 28th via ID@Xbox. The game will be going for 9.99 USD (approximately RM41.12).

    The game is also available on Steam where there is a free demo that can be downloaded to check it out.

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