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    F2P survival shooter – Scavengers showcases a gameplay trailer

    Midwinter Entertainment has recently revealed a new gameplay trailer for free-to-play strategic shooter Scavengers, as well as opening registration for the upcoming PC Technical Playtest weekend, taking place between September 18-20.

    Scavengers is a hybrid of sandbox-style PVE and class-based PVP, where players form squads of three and compete for survival and dominance across a hostile frozen wasteland. Scavengers will be entering Closed Alpha and Closed Beta in 2020, before the full release in 2021 on PC and current-gen consoles on PlayStation 4 and Xbox On.

    “The team at Midwinter is committed to an open, community-driven development environment – For more than a year we’ve been quietly testing with thousands of players from our community, whose invaluable contributions have refined, expanded, and validated our vision for Scavengers. As we prepare for Closed Alpha and Beta later this year, we’re looking to expand our community and use this pre-alpha playtest window to provide us with critical learnings leading into our launch.”

    Josh Holmes – CEO and Creative Director of Midwinter Entertainment

    Scavengers drop players into a strategic survival battleground, where rival teams compete to survive and score data points across a vast post-apocalyptic world. Players choose from a roster of adaptive Explorers, combine signature abilities with lethal weaponry, and use deep tactical teamplay to outthink and outfight enemy players. Explorers can track rivals through the snow, pit wildlife against adversaries, stealthily navigate AI outposts, or do it the old fashioned way: go in guns blazing!

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