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    F2P Handrawn Wuxia Game ‘Phantom Blade: Executioners’ Debuting Nov 2

    Indie game developer S-Game is set to introduce a new title, “Phantom Blade: Executioners,” scheduled for a November 2 release on PC, PlayStation, and mobile platforms.

    This upcoming game is the inaugural entry in the ‘Phantom Blade’ series, combining elements of fantasy, kung-fu action, and hand-drawn 2D animation.

    The narrative for “Phantom Blade: Executioners” delves into a dark fantasy realm. Within this universe, players will navigate intricate tales of love, rivalry, and power struggles among martial arts clans, secretive organizations, and mysterious occult factions.

    The series promises to continue weaving stories of intrigue, politics, and conspiracies rooted in the martial arts domain. As players progress, they will get to unfold the individual stories of four distinct heroes and unravel the complex interplay of alliances and enmities among various power factions.

    Additionally, S-Game has expressed plans to further expand on the “Phantom Blade” universe, with a subsequent release titled “Phantom Blade Zero” planned for PS5.

    The gameplay of “Phantom Blade: Executioners” is defined by its dynamic combo system. While the initiation of powerful attacks is straightforward, mastering chained combinations necessitates precision, strategic positioning, and innovation.

    Furthermore, the game offers three class types for each hero, inviting players to explore varied offensive and defensive techniques, thereby enriching the gameplay experience in each playthrough.

    “Phantom Blade: Executioners” is set to be available for download on November 2 for free on the PlayStation, mobile, and PC platforms.

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