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    Rotating Neon Combat Platformer ‘Exception’ Coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this August

    Traxmaster Software has revealed that the upcoming 2.5D combat platformer, Exception, will launch on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on August 13th, 2019.

    “As an avid gamer myself I’ve found that platforming games have gradually become more and more difficult, so I decided to create something new for the genre – Exception gives players the opportunity to choose your own play style and reward you for it. I am really looking forward to the release and hope everyone will enjoy this fresh twist on the platforming genre!”
    Will Traxler, Founder of Traxmaster Software

    Exception is a game based on an old woman’s personal computer has been taken over by a virus called Titan which designed to destroy the operating system. So the role of the players is to destroy the malicious invader before it destroys the whole system by cruising through the bite-sized levels where there are various obstacles and challenges to overcome. Secure a place on the online leader boards which cater to various play styles from either evasion tactics or straight through combat. Exception is the classic platforming experience which includes various gameplay, secrets and collectables to be discovered along the way

    • Transforming Levels: Take two-dimensional action to the three-dimensional world with levels that rotate and transform to reveal new challenges
    • Leaderboard Competition: Players compete to see who can speedrun a level with the fastest time; time bonuses are awarded for creative attacks and other tricks
    • Synthwave Soundtrack: Nearly two-hours of synthwave music from top musicians in the genre
    • Character Progression: Find hidden items to upgrade special attacks and construct a deadly protagonist
    • Illustrated Story: Follow the story of Exception from the real world to the computer operating system where a totalitarian virus seeks total domination

    To mark the occasion, the one-man indie developer released a gameplay trailer showcasing the unique level shifting mechanic, which combines two-dimensional action with a three-dimensional world, that offers that oomph platforming fans are looking for.

    Exception will be available on August 13th at PS Store, Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Storeand Steamfor USD 14.99 (approx MYR 62).

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