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    Earth Version 2 | A New AAA Open-World Looter-Shooter Mechanics

    To celebrate the announcement of the first AAA game Funtico prepared a special reward. All players who register on the Website will receive free gun skin at the game premiere.

    Future Game Show

    Funtico as a Newcomer in the industry has several games in production one of them is EV2 – Earth version 2, a AAA Free to Play game to be announced on GameRadar’s Future Games Show side by side with more than 50 most anticipated games of 2024.

    About The Game

    Introducing Earth Version 2, a AAA action game set in an unparalleled frontier where cutting-edge technology meets the remnants of an ancient civilization. An Alien infestation of otherworldly creatures is seeking to drain Earth’s life force. In their struggle against the darkness, humanity finds an unexpected ally: the Everbeast, an immortal deity guiding the resistance.

    The game will be available on Steam, Epic Game Store and PC(Funtico Platform).

    Features and more:


    There are four different suits for players, each representing a unique role in the plan to liberate the Earth from the invaders.

    • Brute: The Brute suit is designed for frontline defense and is capable of absorbing significant damage and protecting allies.
    • Cloaker: Focused on stealth and quick, lethal attacks, the Cloaker excels in striking from the shadows.
    • Pathfinder: With its drone companion, the Pathfinder provides crucial support through healing, shielding, and attacking enemies.
    • Mag: The Mag suit wields cosmic energies to heal allies and unleash devastating elemental attacks.


    In the heart of this dystopian universe, players are summoned to a battleground shaped by ancient wisdom and futuristic warfare with three game modes planned on launch.

    • Deadly Mist: “Deadly Mist” thrusts players into a dynamic arena where two teams clash in a shrinking battleground as the toxic fog looms on the horizon slowly enclosing every living creature. The mission remains unchanged: gather power-ups, defeat the enemy team, and battle an AI-controlled boss for valuable loot.
    • Havoc: In this team vs team mode, the battle intensifies in a strategic clash for dominance over sacred grounds, where teams battle for control points, utilizing hidden weapon structures and artifacts for strategic advantage, aiming to control “The Pit” for benefits. Balance your offensive and defensive skills to secure victory.
    • Survivor – Last Man Standing: This battle royale challenges lone warriors to outlive their rivals in a merciless free-for-all, leveraging the land’s secrets to emerge victorious.

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