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    E3 @ 2019 – Final Fantasy VIII Remaster

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was announced during Square Enix’s E3 conference and is coming to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC this year.

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered brings the game’s classic story to modern platforms, with newly rendered visuals that bring the game’s characters to life like never before.

    “Final Fantasy VIII, the military nation of Galbadia has declared war on the Dukedom of Dollet, who must hire the mercenary force, SeeD. Squall Leonhart, a new member of SeeD, together with his friends and Rinoa Heartilly, a member of a resistance group, get pulled into the war, unaware of their fated task to save the world.”

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    Seek "quality" and "perfection" when gaming, no matter what class/heroes he use, will master it and always and always will be in front line of battle which lead to 2 outcome: alive (showing off how great he is), dead (noob that why, laugh by team mates) every heroes/item/weapons he use eventually become memes or nerf by developers. (mercy, hanzo) happy go lucky and freedom is all he seek.



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