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    Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Launching Exclusively on AppGallery featuring Conor McGregor

    Huawei has announced that game developer Beetroot Lab is launching its new post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk style game, Dystopia: Contest of Heroes exclusively on the AppGalley.

    Here are the game details from the press release:

    Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a free-to-play, multiplayer combat game featuring high quality, intense colour graphics and a collection of fully customisable 3D heroes with player-controlled abilities. Set in a dystopian New York in 2065, the objective of the game is for players to build an empire by taking over districts and collecting sci-fi themed gear, to manage raids on other players and build social alliances.
    A key feature of this strategy title, which has been three years in development, is a series of in-game tournaments which allow multiple players from all over the world to compete. This is further enhanced by an annual tournament, hosted by the game’s brand character Conor McGregor, the Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer, and former UFC champion.

    As stated, the game will launch first exclusively on Huawei’s AppGallery before it is available on other platforms.

    “The benefit of launching a game on AppGallery first is that we will put the full force of our considerable marketing machine behind the game to boost its profile and quickly encourage downloads,” said Wang Heng, Vice President, Global Partnerships and Eco-Development at Huawei Consumer Business Group, CEE and Nordics. “Once it becomes available on other platforms, it will then compete in a very crowded gaming market, but by then it will have already been promoted to millions of gamers.”

    Beetroot Lab has received extensive technical support from Huawei to help integrate the game onto the AppGallery including the use of kits which Huawei Mobile Services developed.

    “We are very excited to partner with Huawei AppGallery, and appreciate their huge interest in helping us to globally launch our latest mobile strategy title: Dystopia: Contest of Heroes,” said Davis Ziedins, Co-Founder and Business Developer of Beetroot Lab. “Having the well-known celebrity Conor McGregor as our business partner and the face of our game puts a huge responsibility on our shoulders, so it is important to be working with a trusted technology partner like Huawei, which is bolstering every step of our integration, on-boarding and user acquisition.”

    Development Project Manager Andrew Volkovs at Beetroot Lab said: “The whole process of publishing the game on AppGallery was very quick and smooth, and our developers experienced proactive support from the team on email or via video calls whenever we needed it.”

    Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is now available on Huawei’s AppGallery and can be downlaoded here.



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