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    Dustwind – The Last Resort coming to consoles on September 15, 2021!

    Z-Software GmbH announces that Dustwind – The Last Resort, a tactical real-time game set in a dark, post-apocalyptic future. Dustwind – The Last Resort will hit consoles on September 15, 2021. The game found a group of dedicated fans in its PC release, and now PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S owners will also be able to enjoy it.

    Source: Dustwind Official

    Dustwind – The Last Resort tells the story of a nameless woman suffering from memory loss, beaten, and left to die in a world that has collapsed under the impact of the apocalypse. Despite everyone, the heroine did not die. She swore revenge on her tormentors and focused all her actions on this goal. But it soon turns out that not only her fate is at stake, but much, much more…

    The storyline in Dustwind – The Last Resort includes 16 thrilling missions that will require not only your tactical skills but also your wits and keen eye. Develop your heroine to match your gameplay preferences. Choose the right weapons and equipment depending on the challenges you face.

    Surviving in a hostile world will often require making smart tactical decisions. In Dustwind, you can choose to engage in open confrontation with your enemies or use the environment to your advantage, set traps and use stealth to defeat any threat. The game allows you to use different types of weapons and ammunition, place turrets and barricades, and drive vehicles. As a result, each mission in the game can be played in many different ways – just the way you like it!

    Game Features:

    • Tactical combat: You will need your tactical thinking and just a bit of reflex as you lead your character into battle. Sneak, aim for body parts, use varied weapons and ammo, drive vehicles, deploy turrets and barricades, use the environment to your advantage, trick and flank your enemies.
    • Clusterfun: Nothing feels as good as killing your enemy with a toilet plunger fired from your compound bow right at his face. You could have used broadhead arrows or explosive arrows. But you didn´t. They DESERVED a plunger to the face, that´s why.
    • Single-player campaign: Play the moving campaign that tells the story of the nameless heroine. The story consists of 16 missions and takes about 10 hours.
    • Skirmish: Get ready for a wide range of thrilling isometric single-player maps in several game modes, from simple deathmatch against bots to tactical maps which are not a part of the campaign.
    • Optimized control elements and user interface to make your post-apocalyptic life in the Wastelands easier.

    Dustwind – The Last Resort will debut on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5,Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles on September 15, 2021, priced at €17.99/USD 17.99.

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