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    Home News Doughlings: Invasion is what you 'knead' once you get to try it!

    Doughlings: Invasion is what you ‘knead’ once you get to try it!


    Developers over at Hero Concept is releasing Doughlings: Invasion a space invader-style game for the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

    Toast your foes! ( totally not a bread-related pun)

    Following the original Doughlings, you return as the main character, Morpheus, and you are back to defend your land from them baddies! Varieties of raving space invaders and challenging end of the level bosses are all waiting in line to get their butts kicked by you.

    Show off your skills in this game as you outwit your enemies and take them down as they come. Modify your DNA in the game to match situations, and obliterate your opponents with your Show Off moves!

    Some other features the game brings:

    • A new breath of life into the classic arcade shooter genre.
    • 5 distinct personas whose unique skills you can level up.
    • 15 different breeds of invaders that pose unique threats.
    • 5 gruelling bosses.
    • Challenging the world with global leaderboards.

    Doughlings: Invasion is set to arrive on the PC and PlayStation 4 on August 1st, a Nintendo Switch release on August 8th, and a spring release for the Xbox One.

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