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    Don’t complain, make your own damn RPG


    RPG Maker MV was originally made for PC (including Android, IOS, HTML and MAC) back in 2015. Now it is recently announced by NIS America to be coming for PS4, Switch and Xbox One in 2019.

    For any RPG fans who think to themselves “HEI…I can do a better story, creativity, gameplay or even pacing than any AAA title’s out there”. Look no further, as RPG Maker MV offers such programs to create and edit your own Role-Playing Games.
    And no, you do not need programming knowledge to use this software as it is meant to be simple.

    Here are the following creation tools it provides in initial PC release:

    • Graphic and Audio resources
    • NPC creation, with puzzles and quest completion
    • Choice between side view battle system or a classic front view
    • 1.5X resolution from previous RPG makers, resulting in more detailed sprites and scenery
    • Predeveloped plugins, can be taken from other makers or created by yourself if you have JavaScript knowledge
    • Large Database for item creations
    • Multiplatform support
    • 3 map layers

    I look forward to your works being played by Youtubers, game developers and gamers alike. Maybe even become famous.

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