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    Disgaea 6 Complete Will Make Its Tactical Debut In The West On June 28th

    Publisher NIS America confirms that Disgaea 6 Complete will be available for a western release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on June 28th, 2022. A zany cast of characters awaits you in the Netherworlds. As the undying zombie Zed, and dive into the fray with familiar faces from throughout the Disgaea series! But Dood, picking up the PS4 version will get a free upgrade on PS5.

    Source: NIS America

    Details as shared on the official website:

    What happened to Zed on previous adventures? See for yourself in the “Tales of Super Reincarnation” color manga. Listen to the tunes of multiple dimensions in the “Defiance of Dissonance” select soundtrack CD. All included within the game case along with the Disgaea 6 Complete game.

    From Grave to Glory: Join Zed in his quest to rise above his lowly status and challenge a God of Destruction. Along the way, meet zany characters, explore chaotic new worlds, and discover the power of sibling bonds and determination.

    Undying and Unstoppable: Experience over-the-top tactical combat, complete with insane special attacks and a wide variety of allies to choose from. And when things get too hairy, use Super Reincarnation to keep trying until you succeed!

    A Netherworld for Everyone: With customizable gameplay features such as Autoplay and Demon Intelligence, both new and returning players can forge an HL-raising experience that fits their lifestyle. Diving into DISGAEA has never been easier! Additionally, Disgaea 6 Complete includes new recolor DLC as well as all previously released character and cosmetic DLC, and marks the DISGAEA series’ debut on PS5!

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