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    Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers now coming to the West

    Previously announced for PlayStation 4 and Switch release on March 14, 2019. Now publisher NIS America announces Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers for Western release this year for both physical and digital copies including the limited edition displayed below:

    For further info on the limited edition, click on the provided link for more info.


    An JRPG Back to the Future

    A town of Clocknee turned into a halt with hordes of hostile machines appeared. Play as Sherry with her friends Pegreo, and Isaac, a time travelling robot. Revisit the past and peek into the future, as they unravel the secret behind the strange events taking place.

    Key Features are as follows:

    • Explore town of Clocknee with the world shifts based on your actions
    • Use mechanical skills to fend off hostile machines
    • Use workshops to improve and equipments using gears

    This game will time travel launching into PlayStation 4 and Switch for this coming fall 2019.


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