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    Video: Take a 15-Minute ‘Deep Dive’ into Cyberpunk 2077

    A 15 minute “Deep Dive” video has been surfaced by CD Projekt Red for the open world RPG, Cyberpunk 2077 showcasing player choice in different play styles and the impact to the player experience. There is also a brief introduction to the BBS, Data Fortress aka “Bridge to the Deep Net”, and exploration of the previously intended tourist turned to gangwar hotspot Pacifica District where players can join either the gang of hackers known as VooDoo Boys or the brute gang called The Animals.

    Gameplay Features

    Pacifica is never safe, take on your fastest bike or a fully armored car before taking a stroll in this gangwar district. The district is filled with local peddlers with rare goods and illegal cyber ware, but watch out for the gang controlled Grand Imperial Mall taken over by The Animals. For demo purposes the Deep Dive video shows the player siding with the hacker gang Voodoo Boys to infiltrate on the Grand Imperial Mall. The Animals depend on melee combat implants and use a steroid type of drug called Juice, a beverage that enhances speed and physical prowess while Voodoo Boys depend on their hacking skills acquired from the Net.

    As mentioned above, the Strong Solo build and Netrunner build is available for players to explore. Do take note though that there is no fixed build as the game allows fluidity, potentially even allowing a hybrid class built. Both of these play styles, stats, impacts and approaches are featured as below:

    Strong Solo Build

    • A direct approach by the front door.
    • Enforcing brute strength by punching through your enemies and go gun frenzy like a Terminator.
    • Shoot enemies dead in their tracks.
    • Grab enemies to use as human shields.
    • Use melee combat cyberware targeting specific areas such as striking the throat and ending it with a strong punch.
    • With enhanced strength, take out any security turrets and use it against the enemy instead.
    • Allows you to force open doors with brute strength.
    • The boss fight Sasquatch seems to be able to hack you as well.
    • You can spare or destroy the boss Sasquatch upon winning the fight.

    Netrunner Build

    • Stealth is the name of the game here, sneak up and choke em out.
    • Hacking and uploading malicious software to sabotage foes to self destruct or distract them with a malfunctioning robot/vending machine. Quick hacks will be able to disable a security camera.
    • The red wires can be used to hack enemies from a distance. As featured in the previous trailer, red wires can be used as a whip as well.
    • A new type of faction is called Netwatch, that maintains the old world order by keeping AI anarchy away as opposed by the Voodoo Boys who want to establish contact with the AI to gain boundless expansion on the net.
    • How you deal with the Netwatch is entirely up to you, it’s your Cyberpunk anyway with it’s intricate branching paths depending on your choices, affecting the world reacts around you and your relationships.

    Cyberpunk 2077 will release next year, April 16th, 2020, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Google Stadia version will launch the same year.

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