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    Spook puzzle adventure – Creepy Tale 2 is available now on Steam!

    Indie studio Creepy Brothers has announced that the spooky puzzle adventure Creepy Tale 2: sequel to the acclaimed graphic adventure Creepy Tale, is now available on Steam. This point-and-click horror adventure takes place in an unnamed kingdom where humans and supernatural beings coexist peacefully — until an unknown evil force starts bewitching young girls to use them as servants.

    This mystery will touch the lives of young Lars’ family, our protagonist: after his father was attacked by this entity, Lars feels forced to venture into the unknown to unveil the truth behind all this dark magic to save his own little sister, Ellie. The game, fully voiced in English, is also localized to Russian.

    Creepy Tale 2 is the new entry of the Creepy Tale series, a puzzle adventure series inspired by the old, dark European fairy tales we know from our childhood. Its development started in Summer 2020, just a month after the first part was announced for Nintendo Switch. It follows the adventures of Lars and Elllie, a brother and sister who get involved with dark forces which threaten to tear their kingdom (and lives) apart. Lars will learn that Ellie has been kidnapped and bewitched to force her to help the evil entity in feeding on other kids. And she’s not the only victim! The princess of the kingdom suffered the same fate. To restore the peace, this brave boy will have to face his biggest fears and join a motley crew of magic creatures. Only he can save his sister and put this disgrace to an end.


    • Solve ingenious puzzles that will lead Lars to his sister and the creature behind her kidnap.
    • Enjoy narrative-focused, accessible gameplay suitable for any kind of player.
    • Explore a kingdom widely inspired by the legends of Central European oral tradition, where magic creatures try to coexist peacefully with mankind — and, sometimes, even protect them from evil forces.
    • Feel the gloomy essence of this creepy tale through its decadent cartoonish art style, aesthetically similar to games like Knock-knock! and Don’t Starve.

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